• This is why I am an artist

    This is why I am an artist

    I was photographing my show at OK State and asked some people walking by the gallery if they would come in and look at the show so I could have some photos with people in the gallery. I talked to them while photographing and told them the premise of the Saved project--the photos are of objects people have saved from deceased loved ones and the prose written (by Lorene Delany-Ullman) about memories of that person.

    One of the men, Justin, had lost his father a week ago and I let him know my father had also passed away. Justin made his way to the area where My Top 100 is installed in the gallery. This project is a playlist and a print of 100 songs that evoke a strong visual memory from my past. People are invited to listen to my songs and share a memorable song from their past. Well, I am honored that Justin shared a song and memory about his father. Thank you for your generosity and kindness, you brought tears to my eyes today. May your father rest in peace.