• This is why I am an artist

    This is why I am an artist

    I was photographing my show at OK State and asked some people walking by the gallery if they would come in and look at the show so I could have some photos with people in the gallery. I talked to them while photographing and told them the premise of the Saved project--the photos are of objects people have saved from deceased loved ones and the prose written (by Lorene Delany-Ullman) about memories of that person.

    One of the men, Justin, had lost his father a week ago and I let him know my father had also passed away. Justin made his way to the area where My Top 100 is installed in the gallery. This project is a playlist and a print of 100 songs that evoke a strong visual memory from my past. People are invited to listen to my songs and share a memorable song from their past. Well, I am honored that Justin shared a song and memory about his father. Thank you for your generosity and kindness, you brought tears to my eyes today. May your father rest in peace.

  • TEDx Greenville

    TEDx Greenville

    A few weeks ago I participated in the annual TEDx Greenville event. This year's theme, Unzipped, was curated by Lisa Corley. I gave a short talk on my project Dreams for Free and also provided an interactive expereince in the lounge. Tiffany Deluccia, one of the attendees, wrote a blog post about my project on the JDPR site. And our speaker coach for the event, Deb Sofield, talked about my project on her weekly podcast themed Dreams are Free. You can read more and give a listen here. She starts discussing my project early in episode at 1:10 and the piece ends at 9:48. I am grateful that people enjoyed my project. Thanks to Deb for her support throughout this process. 

  • Saved featured in Lunch Ticket



    Selections from Saved are featured in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition of Lunch Ticket, a literary journal published by Antioch University in Los Angeles. Thanks to Tim, Allen, Chris, Blair, Mark and Troy for sharing memories of their deceased loved ones with Lorene and me.