Submit to Saved Objects

Submit to Saved Objects

Image above shared by John Wesley Mullennix

An invitation to participate in an online art project

Saved: Objects of the Dead 

Join us in exploring the universal topics of loss and memory. Contribute your own photographs and stories of objects in memoriam and help us build an enriching collective art experience. This project is organized and facilitated by Jody Servon and Lorene Delany-Ullman.

Please Share Your Object and Memories: Take a photograph of a unique or utilitarian object, memento or heirloom from a deceased loved one, family member or friend, and tell us how this object holds memories and stories of your deceased loved one. Close-up photographs of objects are typically more memorable than long shots, and as such you are encouraged to submit images that reveal the details of the object being photographed. 

What to Submit: Please submit your photograph, the name of your object and a short description of why this item is special to you to our Facebook page, Instagram with #savedobjects, or send to Color photographs sent via email should be files that are less than 2 MB as a jpeg or pdf. Questions? Contact us at

Photos received from contributors; see their stories about these items on Facebook and Instagram

Fine Print: The project collaborators will only publish photographs and text that are appropriate to the context of the project. All submissions will be considered for publication; however, the project collaborators have final oversight and editorial approval of what is posted to their Facebook, Instagram, or the Saved Project websites.

The Finer Print—Assignment and Release: Please note that by submitting your photograph and text via our email address or Instagram or Facebook page you have agreed to share your work on Facebook and Instagram according to their “Terms of Service.” No monetary compensation for your image or text will be given. In addition, when you submit to the Saved Object project, it is assumed that you have read and understand the terms of submission, and as such, agree to the following:

As a contributor, I hereby irrevocably assign to Jody Servon (the “Artist”) and Lorene Delany-Ullman (the “Writer”) all rights and interests I may have in the photograph and text (collectively, the “Authorized Material.”) I have submitted in connection with the artwork, Saved: Objects of the Dead, and that have been subsequently signed by me, including without limitation, all rights to publish (print and/or online) and otherwise display my name in connection therewith. 

As a contributor, I hereby release and discharge the Artist and Writer (and any person or entity to which the Artist or Writer assigns or transfers any of his or her rights and interests in the Authorized Material) from any and all claims or transfers arising out of or in connection with the use, reproduction, publication or other display of any of the Authorized Material.  I have read the foregoing and fully understand the contents thereof.

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